Rasello CS3 platforms

It makes you do incredible things.

Rasello CS3 is designed for any business with any communictaion requirments, from everyday business to customer communication to highlly advanced automated communication, it’s all available across the Rasello CS3 platforms.

Free platform

Everything works,
just the way you expect it to.

An easy start to manage up-to 100 customers for free and communicate to them using Email and Mobile (SMS) channels.

Configured with customer management features, 1,000 free monthly Email credit, 100 free SMS credit, SSL Security and a little more - the free platform if perfect to manage customer records and initiate simple, yet perfect customer relationship management.

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Mini platform

Carefully designed with simplicity
and practicality.

Interact and engage customers on the mini platform. Mini enables you to manage up-to 1,000 customers and supports everyday communication across email, mobile and social media.

Constructed with customer management features, 15,000 free monthly Email credit, 2,000 free SMS credit, SSL Security and more - The mini platform also supports basic automation alerts for events such as customers birthdays, loyalty reminders and subscription renewals for enhanced customer relationship building.

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Pro platform

A more powerful way,
to get the job done - totally automated.

Rasello Pro is built for businesses that want to fully automate their communication process using both Email and SMS channels. Pro enables you to impressively manage up-to 10,000 customers.

Built with customer management features, 50,000 free monthly Email credit, 5,000 free SMS credit, SSL Security and much more - The pro platform supports highlly advanced automation on sending messages, notifications to customers on important events, self-regulating digital marketing and so many more intuitive features.

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Kinetic platform

It’s not just smarter,
it’s better in every way and angle

Kinetic is built on a dedicated infrastructure that enables your business to do much more than automated communication, it ensures the highest delivery on communication - over 99%.

Together with all the features available on the Mini and Pro platforms, Kinetic is built with more database space of up-to 125,000 customers, Inbuilt 2-way communication, 100,000 monthly free Premium Email credit [over 99% delivery], 10,000 free SMS credit, automated digital marketing systems, advanced monitoring, data analytics, managed services and more.

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