Unifying intelligence with harmonized communication for scalable healthcare systems.

Transforming the health industry

Rasxp transforms the health industry in Africa with new ways of digitally collecting data via mobile application and system integration.
Rasello’s extensive services are tailor-made for public service providers, ministries as well as private enterprises and NGOs.


  • Data collection

    Convert existing paper based data collection system to an electronic system that will use a custom developed software.

  • Short and USSD codes

    Enable different health partners to provide their mHealth services using short code and USSD code.

  • Feedback system

    Receive feedback from patients as well as private and public health facilities through automated feedback systems.

  • Analyze data

    Analyze feedback data through comparative, exploratory and inferential analytics.

  • Detailed information

    Get insights on the subscribers and their personal and location data.

  • Resource planning

    Plan resources and facilities better by using analytics on the data captured.

  • Database management

    Enter and store patient data at different levels of the health system by using Rasello’s database management software.

  • More individualized services.

Putting the patient in the center

Using the Rasello services, organizations understand all patients’ data and create an integrated experience from acquisition through care coordination to an ongoing engagement with patients.


  • Scheduled messaging system

    Allow patients to register for the service through USSD and SMS; then provide health content and send reminders on health check-ups and vaccinations. Send SMS alerts to patients, health workers and others.

  • USSD based application

    Enable patients to enroll for health insurance to provide them with access to improved health care services.

  • Message-on-demand application

    Allow users to inquire for different information regarding health issues and assist them in locating the closest health facility.

  • Web-based and android applications

    Enable users to capture data from different areas in a region. They can upload data to a central database from a PC or tablet when connected to the internet. The Android app allows users to capture data and later upload it when the tablet is in a network coverage range.

  • Call management system

    Enables health mentors at district and regional levels to communicate through calls and messages.

  • More individualized services.