HealthCare Industry


Using Rasello, organizations understand all patients’ data to create an integrated experience, from acquisition through to care management, and finally ongoing engagement with patients.

Rasello has transformed the health industry across emerging markets with new ways of digitally collecting data, communication to influence behavioral change and data predictions to inspire a better, healthier world.

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Convert existing paper-based data collection methods to a dynamic mobile app system that enables users to capture data from different sources such as central database, Open source or proprietary databases, desktop or mobile applications, spreadsheets and more.

The Rasxp platform also enables Health organizations to build customized mobile apps from the existing frameworks that allow users to capture data and later upload it when the tablet is in a network coverage range.

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Even faster performance when working with large health data, or running multiple health research projects. Rasello platforms can be configured with unlimited Terabytes of high performance and DDR4 memory.

Each Health project can be hosted on a dedicated or shared infrastructure giving flexibility for professionals working on large data-intensive projects, analyzing huge data sets, or running multiple health systems to make fast decisions with an enormous amount of processing power so fast that it can even predict the future.

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Communication and Mapping

Communication On-demand

Allow your clients to inquire and engage with information
regarding health issues and assist them in locating the closest
health facility or most relevant health topics.

Taking it further, you can enable your teams at any location to
communicate through calls and messages to patients and
within themselves on important health topics.

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Mapping and interactive reports

Analyze feedback data through comparative, exploratory and
inferential analytics to get insights on your clients and their
personal and location data.

Rasello furthermore enables your organization to enter and
store patient data at different levels of the health system and
extract data and reports anytime, anywhere.

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