What’s on the Pro platform

Rasello CS3 Pro platform is built for businesses that want to fully automate their communication process using both Email, SMS and Social channels.

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Compelling dashboard

Reporting has never been this easy with Rasello CS dashboard where the most important information is right in front of you.

Get an immediate real-time view on the most important activity around your customers and communication reach with instant drill-down to the information you need.

Also available across the Free, Mini and Kinetic platforms.

Customer management

Manage and have complete control of your customer records including activity history, where customers live, their age, how long they have been with you, service status and more.

The Pro platform enables you to manage up-to 10,000 customer records, it also enables you to track customer activity, manage tasks, payment reminders and so much more.

Also available across the Free, Mini and Kinetic platforms.

Email communication

Rasmail (Rasello Email) enables you to craft engaging email templates for any topic or event. Send individual or group Emails, address all customers individually, track delivery, see who’s opened them from what country, browser, operating system and more.

The Pro platform comes with 20,000 monthly complimentary (free) Email credits.

Automate communication
Do even more and automatically engage customers on events such as their birthdays, loyalty programs, timed reminders, seasonal greetings and more. Just create templates, select the target audience and let the communication flow - totally automated.

Available across the Free (no automation), Mini (limited automation) and Kinetic (total automation) platforms.

Mobile Communication

Send and track SMSs to over 500 networks worldwide directly from your Rasello account. Engage customers automatically on events such as birthdays, loyalty programs, timed reminders, seasonal greetings and more via SMS.

Create templates (even long SMS templates), select the audience and broadcast your message directly into your customers mobile phone.

The Pro platform comes with 700 monthly complimentary (free) SMS credits.

SIM Hosting (2-way communication)
Pro platform supports 2-way SMS communication that enables your customers to interact (reply)to your SMSs using a dedicated or shared mobile number.

Marketing automation

Design compelling, personalized Email/SMS templates then select the target audience to reach based on your customer demographics and trends. Press play and watch all your digital marketing go out totally automated on any time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, annually or any other scheduling).

Discover how your customers are responding and engaging with your communication, track and monitor prospect activities so sales can follow up with the right offer.

Also available on the Kinetic platform

Automated relationship building

Keeping your customers engaged on important events like holiday notifications, loyalty program promotions, birthdays or anything else is easy on Rasello CS.

The Pro platform has numerous features enabling you to do this totally automated, just set the templates and Rasello CS will trigger the notifications to your customers on the specific days.

Alo available across Mini (limited automation) and Kinetic platforms.

Customer analytics

Convert your customer details into powerful analytical information so you can better understand customer trends and demographics.

With analytics you can create multiple communication target audience on your digital marketing so your communication has many angles to reach customers based on their interest and behaviors.

Also available on the Kinetic platform.

Team collaboration

Everyone in you team can work seamlessly together on Rasello. Enable access to your sales, marketing, human resources, support and customer care teams to manage tailored communication to your clients.

The Pro platform enables up to 2 users, more user access is at an additional cost.

Also vailable on the Kinetic platform.