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Do More Digital Communication

Rascom is full of features that make every business-to-customer communication experience better, more practical, and surprisingly inspirational. Rascom has over 2 million+ customers managed on the cloud by various businesses across the globe.

Businesses can manage customer records, track customer activity, initiate digital marketing campaigns, track communication effectiveness, and automate relationship building. In addition, Rascom can raise invoices, manage tasks, and ultimately communicate better with customers via SMS, email, voice, and various social channels.

Seamless Automated Communication

Rascom works like a CRM Software better tailored towards Enterprises in emerging markets focused on their need to automate business to customer communication.

Start today with a trusted platform with over 2 million+ customers managed on Rascom.

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Improve Customer Relationships

  • Automate relationship building
  • Track customer activity
  • Better manage customer records
  • Automated alerts such as customer birthdays
  • Raise invoices
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Improve Digital Campaigns

  • Communicate to customers via SMS, Email, Telegram, Viber, and other Social Channels
  • Track communication effectiveness
  • Initiate digital marketing campaigns

For more information around the Rasello platforms, contact support or request a product demo for the Analytics platform or go ahead and instantly start using the Communication platform.