To advance enterprises who quest to pioneer and sustain market leadership through the application of business intelligence, automation and the relentless pursuit of Innovation.

At Rasello we believe in the power to outperform and how intelligent technology can catalyze the process for your Enterprises to dominate and pioneer your industry. Since 2012, Rasello has re-engineered intelligence in the application of software solutions for Enterprises, with offices across 4 countries, a team of 40+ people and alliances (partnerships) across 16 countries worldwide.

Our focus

A Software company that provides technology solutions catered to large Enterprises and SMEs.

Our markets

Rasello focuses on emerging markets, especially key African and Asian countries via local presence and/or alliances.

Our operations

Rasello has local operations across Tanzania, Nepal, Singapore and alliances across 16 countries worldwide.

Our impact

Rasello is helping millions of people get access to better health care and health services.

Trusted technology

Over 2 million customers managed and communicated through the Rascom Software.

Growing usage

Currently over 2.5 million automated communication and interactions processed across Rasello every month.

Growing infrastructure

Currently over 5 million interrelated data sets analyzed every month across the Rasxp platforms.