Rasello CS

The most integrated enterprise communication software (cs).

Supports - SMS • Email • Social • Voice

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Introducing CS3

Elevate how you engage customers and redisign how you build relationships.

Rasello CS3 enables any business to automatically engage and discover new ways to creatively communicate to customers. Currently, over 1,709,784 customers are managed and communicated to through Rasello CS3 by various businesses using the available SMS, Email, Voice and Social communication channels.

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put smiles across
millions of customers.

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Take a closer look inside CS3

More powerful, more simple, more inspirational

Rasello CS3 is full of features that make every communication experience better, more practical and surprisingly inspirational.
Manage customer records, track customer activity, initiate digital marketing campaigns, track communication effectiveness, automate relationship building, raise invoices, manage tasks and ultimately communicate to customers via SMS, Email, Voice and Socially.
Rasello CS3 isn’t simply the smartest Business Communication Software - it’s better in every way.

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Works everywhere

From home, to work, even on holiday.

Rasello CS3 has been designed to work together seamlessly across all devices with
an adaptive look that fits any screen resolution or size.

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