Extensive enterprise analytics

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Limitless possibilities

RasXP is built for enterprises who want to gain business intelligence from their data by utilizing a range of solutions from existing frameworks and extensive platforms. Using data visualization and other BI solutions it empowers leaders to transform their industries.

Explore the platforms

RasXP frameworks cater to multiple industries with solutions across:

  •  Data Collection Applications
  •  Data Analytics Applications
  •  Data Visualization Applications
  •  Customized Digital Solutions
  •  Digital Healthcare Systems
  •  VoIP Calling and Messaging Applications
  •  Feedback and Survey Systems
  •  Human Resources Management
  •  Automated Reminder Systems

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Transforming industries

RasXP enables customers to tailor make solutions that meet the unique needs of its business and target audiences. Offering a full spectrum of RasXP customizable features, customers can capture critical information using a variety of communication platforms, while information can be analyzed through a variety of analytic tools that enhances decision making.

With RasXP enterprises among multiple industries advance to pioneer and sustain market leadership:

  •  Public and private sector
  •  Healthcare delivery
  •  Insurance
  •  Telecommunication
  •  Non-profit organizations