Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Limitless possibilities

Rasxp is built for Enterprises who want to gain business intelligence from their data by utilizing a range of solutions from existing frameworks and extensive platforms.

  •  Develop new applications
  •  Integrate existing applications
  •  Advance existing applications
  •  Quick, simple, agile and cost-effective

Explore the platforms

Rasxp frameworks cater to multiple industries with platforms across:

  •  Data Visualization Applications
  •  Data Analytics & Collection Applications
  •  Customized Digital Solutions
  •  Digital Healthcare Systems
  •  VoIP Calling and Messaging Applications
  •  Feedback and Survey Systems
  •  Human Resources Management
  •  Automated Reminder Systems


How Rasxp works

Capture Data

Rasxp helps enterprises capture customers’ data from multiple sources and streamlines information into one secure centralized platform. With Rasxp you have multiple ways to capture data such as mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud apps, SMS apps, web portals and other instant messaging systems.

Analyze Data

Rasxps’ proprietary algorithms provide real-time business intelligence to users at the click of a button to analyze variables, explore trends and even predict the future. Rasxp gives you multiple ways to visualize your data such as dashboards, charts, tables, segmentation, statistics, benchmarks, comparative analytics, predictions and other tailored methods.

Interact with Data

Data is only useful if it becomes actionable Rasxp enables automatic decision-making with seamless communication automated to reach your customers and other end users. Interacting with your data on Rasxp seamlessly through SMS alerts, Email alerts, Instant Messaging notifications among many other channels.