Rasxp Platforms


Data collection

RasXP helps enterprises capture existing customer data from systems and primary static sources such as excel or csv, and streamlines information into one secure centralized platform.

Data collection tools

Data collection can be completed in a number of ways: Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Cloud Apps, USSD,SMS, Short-Codes, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Instant Messaging, Web Portals, API (Application Programming Interface) Connectivity.


Data analytics

RasXP’s proprietary algorithms provide real-time business intelligence to users at the click of a button to analyze variables, explore trends and even predict future trends.

Analytics applications

Users are able to analyze and view critical information through numerous applications including: Dashboards, Charts, Tables, Segmentation, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Comparative Analysis and Benchmarks & Trends.


Automatic decision-making

Data is only useful if it becomes actionable. RasXP enables automatic decision-making with seamless communication automated to reach your customers and other end users.

Customer management

RasXP enables automated communication with customers on an individual and micro-segmented basis. This could be done in a number of ways including SMS, Instant Messaging, Email, Anomaly Alerts, Automated reports and exports (Charts/Graphs).

Content Automation

RasXP’s scheduled messaging system aims to simplify and automate critical business communication processes through USSD and SMS. This can be used to engage customers after registration, while information sent can be analysed to specific insights on subscribers such as their location.

Feedback System

RasXP deploys a USSD based system which enables customers to provide feedback about the service they receive through the use of a unique USSD code. Data collected can be analysed and visualized in a simplified dashboard view, which provides comparative, exploratory and inferential analytics.

Survey System

Through its survey platform RasXP enables organisations to capture vital information from key audiences, which aids business decision making. Surveys on targeted areas of interest can be delivered simply across a number of platforms including SMS, USSD or Voice while data collected can be analysed and visualized in a simplified dashboard view.