At Rasello, we live for the relentless pursuit to advance Enterprises who quest to pioneer and sustain market leadership by catalyzing their performance through the Rasello platforms.

That pursuit has lead Rasello to operate for over 8 years across 4 countries with a team of 40+ people worldwide.




Rasello solutions are tailored towards the needs of iconic Enterprises in
emerging markets.

Large scale integrated system powered on the Rasello platforms have
been launched across industries such as healthcare, telecommunications,
insurance, public authorities and non-profit organizations.

Every month, over 5 million interrelated data sets are being analyzed
through the Rasxp platform and over 2 million customers are being
communicated through the Rascom platform.


Rasello provides solutions around Software as a Service (SaaS) and
Platform as a Service (PaaS).

More Specifically the solutions are built on platforms that support
Enterprises to better collect data and better analyze their data via
dynamic Business Intelligence / Machine Learning tools.

Rasello delivers communication across the world via Email, integration
with Instant Messaging (IM) channels and connectivity to all major
mobile operators for SMS/IVR communication channels.

For more information around the Rasello platforms, contact support or request a product demo for the Analytics platform or go ahead and instantly start using the Communication platform.